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Legal Check-up

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As a service to my clients and friends, I have prepared this checklist to assist you in determining whether you need to consider seeking the advice and/or assistance of legal counsel. Please print this page, review and check off those items that apply to you. If you do not already have an attorney and wish to discuss any of these matters with me, send the filled out form to me with your contact information, or call me to discuss any legal matters suggested below. There is no fee for this call.



Do not have a Will (Will Questionnaire)

Have not had Will reviewed in 5 years

Have had a recent significant change in life (e.g., New child, Divorce, death of spouse, etc.)

Need to make changes to will

Do not have a living will

Do not have a durable power of attorney

Do not have a durable power of attorney for health care

Need to establish a trust to avoid probate

Named as Personal Representative/Administrator/Executor in Will

Named as Trustee in Trust document

Buying/Selling a house

Buying/Selling other real estate

Injured in an accident

Personal property damaged

Discharged from job

Personal credit problems

Being called/contacted by creditors

Renting an apartment/house

Moving from rented apartment/house

Being Evicted from rented apartment/house

Served with Foreclosure suit

Victim of domestic violence

Charged with a crime/traffic offense/DUI

Trying to collect a debt

Received a bad check



Need to establish a guardianship (Guardianship Intake Questionnaire)

Have a relative who is not able to care for himself or herself

Have a close family member who has recently died (Probate Intake Questionnaire)

Am the beneficiary of a will, trust document, insurance policy

Have an inheritance coming

Need to file for adoption

Have child charged with offense



Wish to start a business (Intake Questionnaires)

Changing business status (e.g., Sole Proprietor to Corporation, etc.)

Own or run a business

Need to close a business

Buying/Selling a business

Entering into commercial lease

Entering into an employment contract

Clients/Customers owe you money

Received bad checks

Own/Manage rental property

Annual corporate report due

Customer in Bankruptcy

Review of/Preparation of contracts



Subpoenaed as witness

Served with Mechanic’s Lien Notice

Served with law suit

Need an injunction

Affected by a nuisance

Insurance problems

Need a contract reviewed

Need a contract written


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Will Questionnaire

Incorporation Intake Questionnaire

Not-For-Profit Corporation Questionnaire

LLC Creation Questionnaire

Guardianship Intake Questionnaire

Probate Estate Intake Questionnaire

Mechanic's Lien Worksheet



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