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How can I pay my fees?

The Law Office of Mark J. Albrechta will accept payment of fees in cash, money order, bank check, certified check, by credit card, or through your PayPal account.  You can pay by credit card by clicking on the button, below.  To avoid being charged the transaction fee, please indicate that you are making a payment to a Friend or Family Member.


Why do I need a will? 

There are very important rights and freedoms you relinquish by not taking the time to prepare a will.  In a Will, you express your wishes concerning who gets what part of your estate.  A will allows you to control the disposition of your property after you die.  I have prepared a list of at least 16 reasons why you should have a will, which you can obtain by clicking on the link, above.

What happens to my property if I die without a Will?

Contrary to what some will tell you, your property does not go to the State if you die without a Will.  Instead, Florida law will determine who gets your property after your death.  While the statutory plan is similar to what most people would do, there are things that the law will not allow your Personal Representative to do with your property.  So, if you have friends or causes to which you wish to give some or all of your estate, it will not happen without a Will.